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Practicing Licence

Licensure Year- April 1-March 31

Licensure renewal closed on April 1st. Any registrant needing to apply for a practicing RN or NP licence will need to complete the reinstatement application process. Contact the registration department at [email protected] or call 709-753-6040. The reinstatement application is completed through the College’s member portal.

This video provides a brief overview of the process to renew your 2024-25 practicing licence application through the College’s member portal (Alinity).

Registrants who practice without a valid practicing licence will be subject to an Unauthorized Practice Fee ($100/shift worked with a maximum fee of three times the regular licensure cost) and subject to discipline where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift. Applies to nursing practice in all domains (clinical, administration, education, and policy/research).

To help navigate online renewal the College encourages registrants to utilize our Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started

NEW: The College has prepared a Fact Sheet that provides an overview of the self-reporting responsibilities for RNs and NPs.

Registrants must ensure they have activated their Alinity Account and completed the set-up process prior to being able to renew. Registrants who have not set up their account should see the renewal open email for a confirmation link or contact [email protected].

See our ‘New Regulatory Management System’ page for additional information on Alinity –– including our FAQs and instructions.

Payment options available include:

  • Employer payroll deduction,
  • VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club,
  • Interac
  • College’s Pre-Authorized Payment withdrawal

Overview of licensure renewal process

  1. To be eligible to renew a practicing RN licence registrants must meet one of the following:
  • Completed entry-level nursing program in the last 36 months;
  • Practised 1125 hours in the last 60 months or 450 hours in the last 24 months;
  • Completed RN re-entry program in the last 60 months;
  • Enrolled and participating in a BN program or graduate program in nursing or a health related discipline recognized by the College.

2. To be eligible to renew a practicing NP licence registrants must meet one of the following:

  • Completed NP education program in the last 36 months;
  • Practised as an NP for a minimum of 900 hours in the last 36 months;
  • Completed NP re-entry program or competency validation process in the last 36 months.

3. Continuing Competency Program (CCP)

All registrants are required to log their required number of learning activity hours and summative evaluation before applying for a practicing licence. Registrants must document their learning within the ‘My Learning’ section of the Member Portal. Failure to complete CCP will result in RNs/NPs being unable to renew their licence to practice. Click the link to learn more about Continuing Competency Program requirements.

4. CNPS – Professional Liability Protection (PLP)

Before proceeding with licensure renewal, registrants must complete CNPS Professional Liability Protection (PLP) and Core Services renewal. The CNPS has updated and improved their MyCNPS platform, where registrants can review their CNPS registrations, eligibility periods and receipts. All Registrants will need to create login credentials on the MyCNPS platform to register/renew CNPS services.

Once a registrant has successfully completed CNPS PLP and Core Services renewal, they can proceed with their College RN or NP licensure renewal application.

5. Verification of Registration

If a registrant held licence/registration to practice in another jurisdiction (province/territory or country) within the last 12 months they must report this information on their renewal application. If licensure status cannot be verified online, or if a registrant declares they have disciplinary action in that jurisdiction, they will be required to request a verification of registration document. Click here for the request form that must be sent to the nursing regulatory body.

6. Complete licensure renewal application, including payment of the applicable fee, through the Member Portal, prior to March 1 administrative deadline. Failure to submit by the March 1st deadline will result in having to pay a late fee of $50 plus HST.

7. Self-reporting nursing practice hours
Registrants can now self-report their RN or NP practice hours for the current licensure year. The College has deemed this current licensure year/renewal period (2024-25) to be a “transitionary year.” RNs and NPs will be permitted to simply provide the College with an estimation of their practice hours via a declaration on their renewal application. RNs and NPs will not be required to provide the College with any documentation from an employer or otherwise, unless it is explicitly requested.

Review the College’s new Fact Sheet – Self-reporting RN and NP practice hours for details on how to calculate hours and other FAQs.

An update was sent to all Registrants on January 17, 2024, regarding the decision to move to self-report practice hours and notification that for the current renewal period RNs and NPs can provide an estimate of their practice hours for the 2023-24 year. Click here for a copy of the updated communication.

8. Registrants and employers can confirm licensure status though the College’s Public Directory. No paper/hard copy licensure cards are issued. It is a registrant’s responsibility to ensure they are licensed prior to commencing nursing practice.