Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2021-22 licensure year, renewal will be available beginning January, 19, 2021.

The administrative deadline for licensure renewal is March 1. This deadline provides time in advance of the license expiry date for the College to review and process your application. The license expiry date of March 31 remains unchanged. Applications submitted after March 1 will be subject to a late fee ($50 + HST).  The March 1 deadline does not apply to registrants renewing a non-practicing membership.

You and your employer can confirm the status of your licence and/or membership by using the College’s Member Search feature. This list is current and contains your name, licence number and license/membership effective date and expiry date. This balances the need for public awareness with the registrant’s right to privacy. It’s your responsibility to confirm licensure status prior to commencing practise.

These fees are in Canadian funds and include HST:

Practicing LicenceNon-Practicing Member
Registered Nurse: $486.55Under-age 65: $48.30
CNPS RN FEE: $55.20 – (To be paid directly to CNPS)65 years or over: $34.52
Nurse Practitioner: $486.55 
CNPS NP FEE: $183.43 – (To be paid directly to CNPS) 
(For additional information on CRNNL’s breakdown which highlights how fees are used click here).

Yes. The RN Regulations stipulate it is a condition of a license that all RNs and NPs must have professional liability protection to practice nursing in NL. The Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) is the provider for professional liability protection as approved by Council. When you complete your practicing application (Step 1), through MyCRNNL, you will to be redirected to the CNPS website to (Step 2) submit and make direct payment for your professional liability protection. Upon completion of the CNPS process (Step 2) you must click on the link to return to MyCRNNL.

CNPS also offers an optional feature “CNPS Supplementary Protection”. For an additional fee ($105 (plus tax)), members have the option to register for CNPS Supplementary Protection at the time of their licence renewal or any time during the licensure year. Supplementary Protection generally provides legal assistance with regulatory matters regarding your nursing care and disciplinary and fitness to practise hearings. For more information contact CNPS (

Yes. Registrants can create their own password for MyCRNNL.  Follow steps on login page to create your password. Passwords must meet industry standards to be accepted.

If your email address is on file with the College you can retrieve your password by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” tab and following the instructions. Your password will be sent electronically to your email address on file.

If your email address is not on file or does not match the email address on file with the College you will be asked some unique questions to confirm your identity. Your request will be sent to the College to update your email address. We will contact you by email within two business days to confirm your request and identity. Following confirmation your password will be sent to you electronically.

Keep your password confidential; the security of your account is protected by this password. 

You can update your contact and employer information at any time during the licensure year at MyCRNNL: ‘Update your CRNNL Profile.’ You will need your registration number and password to log into the site.

A change in name requires legal documentation and may be sent to [email protected] or by fax to 709-753-4940; be sure to include your CRNNL registration number.

Under the RN Regulations Registrants are required to update a change in name, address or employer information to the College within 30 days of change.

Methods of payment accepted include Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, online debit, Visa debit, MasterCard debit, Discover Card, Diner’s Club International, employer payroll deduction or CRNNL pre-authorized payment. Please note that prepaid credit cards may not be accepted.

Employers who offer payroll deduction will forward to CRNNL the names and fees (RN: $486.55 and NP: $486.55) of those registrants for whom they have deducted the full licensure fee before the licensure/membership renewal site opens. If the College has received your licensure fee from your employer, you will be notified on the payment page of the renewal site. If not, you will be required to pay online.

The College also has a pre-authorized payment plan for those registrants who wish to have their renewal fee deducted directly from their bank account. Contact the College for more information on this program.

A Verification of Registration is required if you held registration/licensure to practise nursing in another jurisdiction (province/state/country) within the last 12 months. You must contact the regulatory authority in the jurisdiction to request a verification of registration be sent directly to the College prior to March 31. Your license will not be processed until we received the verification. This is a requirement under the RN Regulations.

Example: Susan is renewing her practicing license with the College. She also holds current registration/license to practice nursing in Northwest Territories/Nunavut where during the summertime she works in a remote nursing clinic. Susan is required under the RN Regulations to provide a verification of registration from the nursing regulatory body in NWT/NU before her license to practice nursing in Newfoundland & Labrador can be renewed.    

To renew a practicing RN licence, a registrant must have practised for a minimum of 1,125 hours in the last five years or 450 hours in the last two years. Official documentation is required from the employer(s) to confirm.

To renew a practicing NP licence, a registrant must have practised as an NP for a minimum of 900 hours over the last three years. Official documentation is required from the employer(s) to confirm.

Official documentation is required from your employer to verify your hours of practice. All Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) have agreed to electronically submit hours of nursing practice to the College. Registrants not employed with one of these RHAs must continue to submit official documentation of their nursing practice hours to CRNNL, as in previous years.

Registrants can scan and email confirmation of hours to the College at [email protected], via fax 709-753-4940, or by regular mail. Be sure to include your CRNNL Registration number on your confirmation of hours so they can be correctly entered on your file.

Documentation confirming your hours of nursing practice through self-employment (e.g., foot care business) must be verified by an independent third party. Acceptable third-party sources include accountant, tax specialist or office manager. Self-report of hours cannot be accepted. Contact the College if you have questions about reporting self-employment hours.

If a registrant practices after March 31 without a current nursing license, a late fee ($50+HST) and Unauthorized Practice Fee will apply. All RNs and NPs who actively practise without a valid interim or practicing licence shall be subject to an Unauthorized Practice fee of $100/shift worked with no maximum and is subject to discipline where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift.

No. When you complete the online application and the fee payment has been received by the College you will receive a confirmation email stating you have successfully completed your application. When the College has finalized the processing of your license your name will display to the online member search confirming your practicing license has been processed and issued. An electronic receipt will be provided for income tax purposes. You and your employer can verify the status of your licence through Member Search. It is your responsibility to confirm your licensure status prior to commencing practice.

Yes. You will receive a transaction receipt at the time you pay your fees online. This receipt is sent to your email address on file at the College. Registrants can retrieve receipts for the current and previous licensure year at no charge through MyCRNNL.