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Internationally Educated Nurse Practitioner (IENP)

This section applies to you if you completed your Nurse Practitioner (NP) education program outside of Canada and are not licensed as an NP in another Canadian province/territory.

Overview of the application process

In order to apply for licensure assessment as an IENP you must hold a current RN practicing licence or be eligible for RN licensure with the College.

  1. Review the College’s Fact Sheet – Internationally Educated Nurse Practitioner – License Process Explainer. This document details the application process and requirements.
  2. Submit application to the College.
    Note: Presently application is a PDF version. An updated application will be available soon through the College’s member portal (Alinity).
  3. Submit Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report for NP education program to the College. (see Licence Process Explainer document for accepted ECA sources)
  4. Submit Nurse Practitioner Program Criteria Checklist to the school of nursing where NP program completed. School must complete the form and return it directly to the College.
  5. Upon receipt of all required documents the College will complete assessment of the application and communicate decision to the applicant.