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Non-Practicing Membership

Non-practicing membership allows individuals to:

  1. Stay connected with the College
  2. Receive College Communications
  3. Vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the College.
  4. Trust Membership (OPTIONAL) – The Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Nurses’ Education & Research Trust is a registered charitable foundation to promote support and assist basic nursing education, continuing nursing education and nursing research.  Your $10 membership fee helps ensure the financial stability of the Trust and entitles you to apply for Trust scholarships and bursaries.

Registrants who hold a non-practicing membership and plan to return to practice are reminded that:

  • Before they can renew a practicing licence they must complete the College’s Continuing Competency Program requirements. This includes logging 24 learning activity hours and summative evaluation before applying for a practicing licence. Registrants must document their learning within the ‘My Learning’ section of Member Portal. Failure to complete CCP will result in RNs/NPs being unable to renew their licence to practice.
  • Registrants who practice without a valid practicing licence will be subject to an Unauthorized Practice ($100/shift worked with a maximum fee of three times the regular licensure cost) and subject to discipline where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift. Applies to nursing practice in all domains (clinical, administration, education, and policy/research).

To help navigate online renewal the College encourages registrants to utilize our Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started

Registrants must ensure they have activated their Alinity Account and completed the set-up process prior to being able to renew. Registrants who have not set up their account should see the renewal open email for a confirmation link or contact [email protected].

See our ‘New Regulatory Management System’ page for additional information on Alinity –– including our FAQs and instructions.

Payment options available include:

  • VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club,
  • Interac
  • College’s Pre-Authorized Payment withdrawal

Overview of membership renewal process

  1. Complete membership renewal application, including payment of the applicable fee, through the Member Portal, prior to March 31 deadline.
  2. Registrants can confirm membership status though the College’s Public Directory. No paper/hard copy cards are issued.

Note: If planning to return to nursing practice in the future registrants must meet the requirements for renewal of RN Licensure (Section 12) or requirements for renewal of NP Licensure (Section 13) as outlined in the RN Regulations.