Canadian Applicant

This section applies to you if you have ever been registered/licensed to practise in another Canadian jurisdiction (province/territory). If you were previously registered with CRNNL this section does not apply to you, contact [email protected] to renew your licence or membership.

  1. Complete the Provisional Registration Application in MyCRNNL including application fee ($172.50 includes HST). Application fee will not be refunded once the application review process has commenced.
  2. Request a Verification of Registration(s) from all jurisdictions where you are currently registered/licensed to practice. The document must be sent directly to the College from the regulatory authority. You are encouraged to request this document early as processing times varying by province/territory.
  3. Request a Statement from Current/Most Recent Employer(s) and Statement of Practice Hours for all nursing employers within two (2) years. Statement must be sent directly to the College by the employer(s).
    NOTE: You may be required to obtain statement of practice hours for employers beyond the past two (2) years to ensure you meet the legislative currency of practice requirement (1125 hours in last 5 years OR 450 hours in last 2 years).
  4. All required documents and forms must be received before an application can be reviewed. Allow 1-2 weeks to process your application after receipt of all documents.
  5. Allow two to four weeks to process your application. All required documents and forms must be received before an application is reviewed.
  6. The College will notify you by email that your application for registration eligibility has been approved and direct you to the next steps to apply for licensure.
  7. To obtain a licence to practise nursing in NL you must apply through MyCRNNL and pay the licensure fee ($412.47). Professional Liability Protection fee ($68.00 plus HST) paid directly to Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS).

Canadian Applicants who practise without a valid practicing licence will be subject to an Unauthorized Practice Fee ($100/shift worked with a maximum fee of three times the regular licensure cost) and subject to discipline where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift.