Pre-Authorized Debit

Registrants are able to pay their renewal fees with automatic pre-authorized withdrawals from their accounts. Our registration management system, Alinity, offers a feature that allows you to manage your pre-authorized debit (PAD) on your own.

PAD Sign Up

When you log into the Alinity Portal, you will see a new menu option to “Signup for PAD”.

When you click the “Signup for PAD” option, a screen will appear to enter your banking information.

Click on the info icon (i) across from Bank # to see an image of a cheque and which numbers correspond with which section of the signup form.

My PAD Payments

Once you have signed up for PAD, a new option for “My PAD Payments” will appear in the menu. This page allows you to see all the PAD payments you have made during the current year, information about your subscription, and options to update or cancel your PAD subscription.


The total that is calculated for “Available for renewal” only includes the payments that have been processed.

If you sign up by June 30 you will have 6 payments of $68.75 ($412.47) and for every month after June, your amount paid will be $68.75 x months remaining till final payment December 16.

Changing Your Bank Information

To change the banking information, you can click the “Update” button on the “My PAD Payments” page. The same banking information page that you saw at sign up will appear prompting you for new banking information. When you change your banking info, the current PAD subscription will be expired, and a new one will be created effective today.

Cancelling Your PAD Subscription

To cancel your PAD subscription, you can click the “Cancel” button on the “My PAD Payments” page.

You must provide a reason for cancelling your PAD subscription.

If you do not plan to renew your practicing license, you can contact the College to request a refund.