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The Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is designed to assist RNs and NPs to continuously improve their knowledge and practice. The Registered Nurses Regulations require completion of the CCP program for all RNs and NPs applying for a renewal of a license to practice.

CCP Framework

Frequently Asked Questions about CCP

Each and every RN and NP applying for a renewal of a license to practice nursing must meet the CCP requirements for the preceding licensure year. 

You are required to declare that you have meet the requirements on your annual licensure renewal. This declaration will indicate that you: 

  • have the required nursing practice hours, 
  • completed your self-assessment, 
  • developed a learning plan, 
  • implemented a learning plan, 
  • completed a minimum of 14 continuous learning hours, and 
  • evaluated the impact of your learning plan on your nursing practice.

No. In addition to the CCP requirements you will still be required to work at least 150 days during the preceding 60-month period or 60 days during the preceding 24-month period (practised for a minimum of 1125 hours in the last five years of 450 hours in the last two years) or have completed an approved education program or a nursing re-entry program. NPs must also have practised for a minimum of 900 hours over the last three years (past 36 months). 

Reflective practice is the process of continuous self-assessment of your nursing practice to identify learning needs and opportunities for professional growth. The College’s CCP is based on the principles of reflective practice and the nurse’s responsibility for ensuring competence. 

Yes. You should select CL activities to meet your learning objectives. The College does not pre-approve CL activities. You may choose from a number of formal and self-directed continuous learning activities based on your learning style and your priority areas for development this year. 

When selecting learning activities consider these criteria: 

  • At least 14 CL hours in the licensure year (April 1-March 31). 
  • One clock hour = One CL hour. 
  • A minimum of 7 hours must be directly related to your current role. 
  • A minimum of 7 hours must be formal activities. 
  • Formal Learning includes academic courses, preceptoring, mentoring, certifications, teleconferences, conferences, orientation, professional committees. 
  • Self-Directed Learning – Independent learning activities include conducting research, volunteer activities, reading nursing journals, researching on myCNA

A CL activity that is repeated may be counted only once in the licensure year.

When you attain your first practicing registration as a RN, you will commence the CCP. You will be expected to have the CCP documents completed by the next licensure renewal date. It is important that you engage in reflective practice and plan your learning for the coming year. 

It is recommended that you download the online toolkit The toolkit can be completed and saved to your computer, or you can print the documents and work through each section. You can request a paper copy from the College. 

The College decided to make paper copies available only upon request in order to minimize paper output. If you wish to receive a paper copy, please call the College at 753-6040. You can download and save the online toolkit to your computer or print the documents to complete. 

None. You will need to provide your documentation only if requested by the College.

Yes! Even if you are not currently working, you are still required to meet the CCP requirements. 

Any registered nurse who wishes to remain on the practicing register must complete the requirements of the program. If you retire and plan on maintaining your practicing status, you will need to continue to meet the requirements of the Continuing Competency Program. 

Registered nurses who practice as NPs must meet additional continuing competency requirements that stem from the legislated advanced scope of NP practice. Nurse practitioners are required to reflect on the Standards of Practice for RNs and NPs and complete the NP self-assessment, develop a learning plan based on NP practice, implement the learning plan and evaluate the impact that the learning had on their practice. Note: NPs are required to identify two practice Standards/Indicators.

As an employer it would be helpful to be knowledgeable about CCP requirements, however, it is the nurses’ responsibility to maintain competent nursing practice by seeking appropriate educational experiences and learning to meet their professional needs. Since professional development can be improved when employers and nurses work together to develop flexible and creative learning opportunities, it may be advantageous to provide these activities however the CCP does not require this from employers. 

RNs are required to identify at least one Nursing Practice Standard/Indicator that applies to your professional development plan. You can use more than one Nursing Practice Standard/Indicator however that is up to you. Nurse Practitioners are required to identify two Practice Standards/Indicators that apply to your professional development plan.

In order to maintain a practicing license, registered nurses in Newfoundland & Labrador must declare on their annual registration renewal form that they have completed all requirements of the College’s Continuing Competency Program. If you indicate on the CRNNL registration renewal form that you have not met the CCP requirements, a College representative who can provide guidance and support will contact you. If necessary, you may be granted a 90-day period to complete the requirements of the CCP. If you do not meet the CCP requirements at the end of the 90-day period, you will be issued a non-practicing license. Your employer/s will be notified of your non-practicing status. 

Yes, if you have not passed or successfully completed the course or educational program, you may not use the course/program hours towards your CCP requirements. The course has to be successfully completed in the licensure year.

If you have additional questions about the Continuing Competency Program, please contact:

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The CCP forms are designed to assist RNs and NPs to maintain and enhance their continuing competency by engaging them in the processes of reflective practice, lifelong learning, and the integration of learning into practice.

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