Scope of Practice

The College defines scope of practice for nurses as the range of roles, functions, responsibilities, and activities for which registrants are educated, competent, and authorized to perform.

The College’s Scope of Practice Framework defines scope of practice for the profession and individual RN/NP and can assist RNs/NPs to determine whether a competency or intervention falls within their individual scope of practice and/or whether they should perform that competency or intervention. The Scope of Practice Framework principles: educated, authorized, competent and able to manage the outcomes of care in the practice setting- apply to all RNs/NPs in all practice settings.

To further understand scope of practice, the College has developed a suite of supporting documents that can be used in conjunction with the Scope of Practice Framework. These documents help identify mechanisms RNs/NPs use to obtain the authority to perform or direct another nursing care provider to perform a required competency.

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