CCP Audit

Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Audit 2024

The audit will be conducted within the CCP Audit Module in the Alinity member portal. RNs/NPs will be randomly selected to participate in the CCP Audit and registrants will receive an email from [email protected] indicating either they have met CCP Audit 2024 requirements or are required to resubmit identified CCP requirements.

Those who are selected for the audit will notice on their dashboard that they are being audited. The dashboard will indicate that their CCP Plan is under review so stay tuned for an email indicating results of the audit.

RNs/NPs will be asked to modify their CCP Plan and/or resubmit additional CCP requirements if there is either:

  1. duplication of learning activities that would impact meeting CCP requirements
  2. the impact statement is not complete, i.e., does not describe the new knowledge or competencies gained and/or the immediate impact of the new learning on their practice
  3. the summative evaluation is not complete

Registrants who are required to update their learning plan will receive an email from [email protected] and will be given 14 days to make the requested changes using My audit on their Alinity dashboard. It is important that you log into the portal to review AND RESPOND TO the feedback.

Learning activities must be completed annually from April 1st to March 31st for the year prior to licensure renewal.

Audit FAQs for the New CCP

Yes. The audit is mandatory as it is a legislated requirement outlined in the Registered Nurses Regulations.

There are no restrictions on the number of registrants selected for the audit. The CCP Audit is an internal process that occurs automatically throughout the licensure year via a random selection of registrant entries in the online Alinity Member Portal.

Any member who renews a practicing license may be selected for the audit. Additional selection criteria, such as primary area of responsibility, are used to ensure registrants are included from across different areas of practice (e.g., acute care, long term care, education, community, administration, management, etc.). The selection process also ensures that a select percentage of eligible NPs and those who are self-employed are included in the audit.

The CCP audit is an internal process that occurs automatically via a random selection of registrant entries in the online Alinity Member Portal. As all the required information is already logged in the portal, a registrant may be contacted during the audit to clarify entries or request additional information. After the audit is complete, registrants will receive notification on the outcome of the audit.

There are no documents to submit for the audit. Steps one and two of the new CCP are reflective exercises and steps three to five are recorded in the My learning in the Alinity Member Portal. There is a resource guide to help you correctly input and document your learning.

There is a CCP Guide to assist you in navigating the new CCP and provides step by step instructions and detailed suggestions and tips on how to complete the new program.

Once registrants finalize and complete licensure renewal (Step 1 – 3), My learning is locked, and the information cannot be edited.

Information submitted in My learning will form the basis for the content that is used for the College’s CCP Audit.

After April 1st of the current licensure year, a random selection of Registrants will be selected and their entries in the Alinity Member Portal will be reviewed periodically throughout the licensure year by College staff. An audit checklist will be used to ensure registrant entries are complete, and accurate for the licensure year, and relevant to practice as a RN or NP.

After the audit is complete, registrants will receive notification on the outcomes of the audit.

Yes. Participation in the audit process for a licensure year does not exclude you from being included in the audit in subsequent licensure years.

No, there are no exemptions from the audit. In the new program steps 3 -5 must be completed in My learning before you can proceed with the application for licensure renewal.

Registrants who do not complete CCP or were dishonest with respect to completion of their CCP requirements are in breach of the Registered Nurses Regulations (2013) and will be referred to the Director of Professional Conduct Review. Additionally, registrants will not be issued a licence to practice for the upcoming year until all CCP requirements are met.

After reviewing the available information and resources, if you have additional questions about the CCP audit, please contact: [email protected]