CCP Audit

About the Program for April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

The Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is designed to assist RNs and NPs to continuously improve their knowledge and practice. The Registered Nurses Regulations require completion of the CCP program for all RNs and NPs applying for a renewal of a license to practice.

CCP Framework

Audit Process

The basic steps of the Audit process are outlined below and in the document Information on the Upcoming Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Audit.

1) Members who do not comply with the request and fail to submit the required documentation are in breach of the Registered Nurses Regulations (2013) and will be referred to the Director of Professional Conduct Review.


The CCP forms are designed to assist RNs and NPs to maintain and enhance their continuing competency by engaging them in the processes of reflective practice, lifelong learning, and the integration of learning into practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Audit

The College will audit up to a select percentage (e.g., 5%) of RNs and NPs issued a practicing license for the current licensure year to monitor their compliance with the CCP from the preceding licensure year. 

Any registrant who renews a practicing license and indicates that they have completed all requirements of the CCP may be selected for the audit. Additional selection criteria, such as primary area of responsibility, are used to ensure registrants are included from across different areas of practice (e.g., acute care, long term care, education, administration/management, etc.). The selection process also ensures that a select percentage of eligible NPs and those who are self-employed are included in the audit.

Yes. Registrants can be chosen for the audit annually. Participation in the audit process for a licensure year does not exclude the registrant from being included in the audit in subsequent licensure years.

Registrants selected to participate in the audit will be notified by mail (e.g., registered mail) using the mailing address they provide and are required to keep current with the College. A second notification will be sent to Registrants via email advising they have been selected for the audit. 

Participation in the audit is mandatory as it is a legislated requirement outlined in the Registered Nurses Regulations. Under this process, there are no exemptions from the audit nor are there extensions to the deadline.

Registrants who do not comply with the request and fail to submit the required documentation will be referred to the Director of Professional Conduct Review to determine if they are in breach of the Registered Nurses Regulations.

The CCP Toolkit contains the forms for the program. There is a toolkit for RNs and another for NPs.

For the audit, registrants are required to submit copies of the following documents from the toolkit:

  • Professional Development Learning Plan
  • Professional Development Evaluation Form
  • Verification of a minimum of seven (7) formal Continuous Learning (CL) hours (e.g., CCP tracking forms, certificates, etc.).

    Registrants should retain all original documents for their records and only submit copies of the requested documents. Documents submitted to the College for the audit will not be returned.

Registrants are provided 21 days to submit documentation to allow time for individual circumstances such as travel, personal matters or other situations. Documents must be received at the College within the specified timeframe.

The College will review all CCP documentation submitted for the audit. The review is conducted using an audit tool that monitors:

  • evidence of participation in the program (a minimum of 14 hours of continuous learning – including verification of at least seven formal hours); 
  • linkages between the standards/indicators, learning plan goal(s) and learning hours; and 
  • evidence of completion of all sections of the CCP documents (Professional Development Learning Plan and Professional Development Evaluation Form).

Audited registrants who demonstrate that CCP requirements were met will be notified of their successful completion by email.

Registrants who submit CCP documentation that does not demonstrate that the audit criteria were met will be contacted by the College for further education and follow-up. This notification will also be sent by email.

After reviewing the available information and resources, if you have additional questions about the CCP audit, please contact: 

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