February 4, 2020
College Event

Decision Making and Professional Accountability—A Roadmap for Navigating Dilemmas in Practice

Original Presentation: February 4, 2020

This presentation addresses:

  • What factors should health care professionals reflect on when navigating dilemmas in practice?
  • What are some of the professional, employer and ethical considerations?
  • Are there legislative considerations that inform decisions “in the moment”?
  • What standards, resources and models exist to support and guide professional decision-making?
  • What is meant by professional accountability?

Panel Presenters:
Mollie Butler RN, BScN, MPA, PhD, Regional Director Professional Practice and Indigenous Health, Eastern Health

Chris Kaposy PhD, Associate Professor of Bioethics, Memorial University Faculty of Medicine

Michelle Osmond RN, MS(N), Director of Regulatory Services/Director of Professional Conduct Review, CRNNL

Simone Pelley MSW, RSW, Private Practitioner in Gander, Chair of NLASW Ethics Committee

Gerrie Smith B.A., LL.B, Legislative Consultant, Department of Health and Community Services, Government of NL

Annette Johns MSW, RSW, Associate Director of Policy and Practice, Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers

Peggy Rauman RN, BN, MN, Nursing Consultant, Policy & Practice, College of Registered Nurses

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