Supervised Practice Experience Program (SPEP) – Interim Licence with Conditions (IL-C)

The SPEP is a regulatory program that is employment focused and available to eligible IENs who reside in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) and have meet educational requirements but do not meet currency of practice requirements. The College will notify individuals of their eligible for SPEP.

Eligible IENs will apply for an interim licence with conditions (IL-C) and must have an NL employer. The IL-C will be granted for a 6-month period and may be extended. The program includes 450 hours of practice in a mutually agreed on area of practice with a minimum of 135 hours under the direct supervision of an experienced RN preceptor and the remaining hours (315) under direct or indirect supervision. By participating in the program, IENs will meet currency of practice hours requirement and enhance their nursing knowledge, skill and judgement.

Following successful completion of SPEP an IEN will be eligible to register for the NCLEX-RN examination.

For additional information on SPEP see the College’s SPEP Guide and Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet.

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