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Meet Your Candidates

Meet your candidates for CRNNL’s upcoming Council election!

This year four areas require an election:

  • Central Region Councillor
  • Labrador-Grenfell Region Councillor
  • Administration Councillor
  • Education & Research Councillor

Get to know the candidates by reviewing their profiles below.  Using our NEW process this year, make sure to cast your vote in the Council election starting mid-January via an email all practicing RNs and NPs will receive from [email protected].


Tonya Ryan (nee Jackman)

Graduate: Western Memorial, 1994

Postgraduate Courses: Just Culture – Manager Training; LEAN Green Belt (Leading Edge); Institute for Healthcare improvement – Open School; Learning Leaders Program – Directors Stream; Provincial Leadership Course (Eastern Health); LEADS Certified Internal Facilitator (Canadian College of Health Leaders); LEAN Apprentice Training; Trust Your Canary (Central health); LEADS (Canadian College of Health Leaders); LEAN Webinar Sessions

Present Position: Regional Director Critical Care, Medical and Cardiopulmonary Services (Interim), NLHS – Central

“I have spent the majority of my career focusing on quality practice environments and improving patient outcomes in a variety of roles. I believe that every nurse makes a difference in someway everyday. I have served three years on the Council because I feel that this is an important role that impacts Registered Nursing Practice. CRNNL strives to lead the way in professional self-regulation while ensuring public protection through quality nursing practice. I enjoy contributing to this work and would like to continue to do so as the Central Councilor for the upcoming term. Thank you for your consideration, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have served on Council.”

Stephanie Winsor (nee Bridger)

Graduate: St. Clare’s, 1996

Postgraduate Courses: Training under the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics; Basic and Advanced Certifications; Basic and Advanced Courses in IHI; Leadership Diplomas; OH & S Courses toward OH & S Certification; ACLS and BLS and Triage Courses. Present Position: Regional Registered Nurse/Coastal Nurse, NLHS – Labrador-Grenfell Zone (permanent residence is Central Region)

“I would love to offer myself up as a representative for the Central region for your consideration. With almost 30 years of Nursing experience, 25 of them being in the Central area, I have worked in almost every facet of Health Care. From Front lines, to Management, From Community to Acute Care, from legacy Boards to health authorities to now one Health Services Zone, it has been an absolute honor and privilege to work as a Registered Nurse. I believe we have had opportunities in our profession to see extreme shortages, to growth, to shortages again, from healthcare normalcy to epic pandemics and from the greatest setbacks to strive to achieve even greater comebacks. I would love to have an opportunity to share a voice at our provincial tables that allow for representation that focuses on the talent, professionalism, varied, expansive roles Nursing brings. My passion for our profession allows me to continually strive for opportunities to expand the scope and practice and representation and retention of what I consider to be, the best profession one could ever invest in!”


Vanessa Fewer

Graduate: Western Memorial, 2012

Postgraduate Courses: Currently enrolled in the Athabasca University Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner Route.

Present Position: Regional Registered Nurse II, NLHS Labrador-Grenfell Zone

“I want to help ensure that Nursing remains a strong, autonomous profession, and I feel I have surmountable expertise and knowledge to aide in this. I have experience working in many practice areas, as well as across many Provinces within Canada, because of this I feel I have extensive insight into the workings of the health care system and what works and what doesn’t. I have a strong insistence on ensuring that patients and families receive the best possible care and are treated by knowledgeable and respectful health care providers; I also have a passion for Indigenous health and ensuring cultural competence within the health care system. Having been diligent in maintaining competency, as well as multiple Provincial licensure’s, I feel I am able to provide assistance on ensuring entry-level competency, aspects of continuing competency needs, as well as avenues to turn to ensure fitness to practice.”

Alicia White (nee Reid)

Graduate: Western Memorial, 2008

Postgraduate Courses: Designated Clinical Nurse Expert – Inpatients Unit; Member of the Professional Practice Committee; Suicide Risk Management Training; OB Training; Presenter for Anti-Stigma Campaign and Part of Anti-Stigma Working Group; Advanced Cardia life Support Training; Non Violence Crisis Intervention Training; Fundamental Concepts in Addictions Course; Motivational interviewing Course; Trauma Nursing Core Course; Trauma Training; Yearly CPR Training; Experience with CSRS Reporting Process; Naloxone Home Kit Lead Instructor/Trainer and Community Presenter; Youth & Drugs Course; Certified Disclosing Unanticipated Medical Outcomes Train the Trainer; Acute Care Policy Instructor for Mental Health; Experienced Preceptor to Numerous Students and New RNs; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Training; Psychological First Aid Course; Master Trainer for Mobile Crisis Response Teams with RNC & RCMP; Member of Opioid Dependency Treatment Team for Towards Recovery Initiatives; RNUNL Shop Steward

Present Position: Registered Nurse, Mental Health & Addictions, NLHS – Labrador-Grenfell Zone

“I am very passionate about getting involved more with the future of the nursing profession and our professional body. I feel volunteering is important to continuing learning and helping others to grow in our profession. Being a part of our regulating body would be an honor that I would be excited to have. Would love to be able to represent our unique issues in Labrador-Grenfell Health Region and be able to bring concerns forward as needed. I have had the opportunity to work in many areas of nursing on an inpatient unit such as medicine, obstetrics, labor and delivery, surgery after care, critical care, long-term care, palliative care and now mental health and addictions. I have also had the honor of being preceptor to many new grads and new hires. I feel my past experience has given me great experience to bring forward and represent our region.”


Melissa Colbourne (nee Mills)

Graduate: Memorial University, 2004

Postgraduate Courses: Post-basic Perioperative Nursing Program – UNC Hospitals; CNA Certification Perioperative Nursing; Basic Life Support Instructor; IHI Open School; Disclosure training; Patient Safety Education Program Trainer; GI Technical Specialist Certification

Present Position: Regional Director of Nursing Practice, NLHS – Central Zone

“We’re taught about being a self-regulated profession from our nursing infancy stage and then throughout our nursing careers. I’ve always had a surface understanding of what this meant for our profession and for the people of our province. It wasn’t until my current time on Council that I feel I have a true grasp of what a privilege it is for a profession to be self-regulated. I have discovered as a Council member that being involved with our regulatory body and the work involved in upholding College objectives has instilled true pride in my profession. I wish to run for election as Administration Councilor for reasons stated above and much more. The time I’ve spent as a Councilor assisting in achieving our mandate to protect the public has provided so much direction to my practice. To serve on Council for another three years is my way of providing a service to a profession that has and continues to provide me with so much.”

Leah Forsey

Graduate: Centre for Nursing Studies, 2005

Postgraduate Courses: Master of Nursing-Nurse Practitioner Program; Registered Nurse Practitioner-Family/All-Ages; Certified Change Manager-Prosci; Virtual Care Certificate – Digital Health Canada; Certified in Community Health Nursing in Canada

Present Position: Provincial Program Manager-Community eHealth Solutions, NLHS

“I have 18 years’ experience within the healthcare sector providing care to the public in a variety of settings. I have worked in primary health care, community health, nursing education, virtual care, project management and administration. Being a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in both roles. I value the importance of advancing and promoting the ethical and professional standards in this wonderful profession. I have a unique skill set, being a Nurse Practitioner in a manager role as I know the importance of supporting the proficiency and competency of the nursing profession as it directly impacts care to the public. Being a member of the Council is a great opportunity to serve the CRNNL members and my fellow colleagues. I would encourage and support professional and public input to strengthen representation towards the strategic direction and governance of the CRNNL. Thank you for consideration.”

Megan Hudson

Graduate: Memorial University, 2011

Postgraduate Courses: Master of Nursing; Advanced Foot Care Nursing Certificate; CNA Community Health Nursing Certification

Present Position: Senior Manager – Health Promotion, Canadian Red Cross

“It has been a privilege to serve as a member of CRNNL Council for more than five years cumulatively, since 2015. During that time, my knowledge of governance and self-regulation has increased tremendously and continues to evolve. I have been well positioned to support the growth and strategic development of the College’s mandate – protection of the public. As an Indigenous woman and nurse, I am passionate about promoting inclusivity and ensuring diverse voices are heard during Council discussions and decision-making. Since June 2023, I have assumed the role of Council Chair. I’ve had the honor of leading Council during important discussions that will positively impact the future of self-regulation of the nursing profession in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is my intent to be re-elected as a member of Council for the 2024-2027 term so that I may contribute to the great work that is underway by current Council and College staff. Thank you in advance for your consideration.”

Kimberley Legge (nee Moulton)

Graduate: Western Memorial, 1985

Postgraduate Courses: Trauma Nursing Core Course; WMRH Intensive Care Training Course; Crisis Intervention Training; Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor’s Training; De-escalation Skills Training; Post RN BN Courses; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; Gender Responsiveness; Harm Reduction; Motivational Interviewing; Recovery Approach; Trauma Informed Care; St. Elizabeth’s Leadership Training Courses; Living Well Cultural Sensitive Training

Present Position: Director of Clinical and Client Services,
Fonemed Canada

“I would be extremely humbled to serve as part of the CRNNL Council. I had previously served one three-year term which coincided with the pandemic period. Initially, most meetings were virtual, however I still learned so much during that first term; that experience has better equipped me to be a more active, contributing Council member. Serving as a Council member is a role that I take very seriously as you play an integral role in governing key regulatory areas such as professional disciplinary or conduct issues and professional practice standards. To serve on the CRNNL Council is an opportunity to learn but more so, it is an opportunity to contribute to the focus of public protection through advancing and promoting the professional standards of nursing, and by promoting proficiency and competency in the nursing profession. I would be both honored and humbled to serve in this capacity once again.”

June Tavenor

Graduate: Centre for Nursing Studies, 2005

Postgraduate Courses: Masters of Nursing; Directors Education Program (DEP) – Institute of Corporate Directors

Present Position: CEO, Catalyst Health Solutions

“I have always been a passionate advocate for the advancement of nursing as a profession. My experience as a charge nurse, preceptor, and now owner of Catalyst Health Solutions has given me tremendous experience in the administration duties of nursing. I wish to become the Administration Councillor to bring my education and experience to the College in order to contribute to the ongoing advancement and professionalism of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in the province. Increased utilization of rotational nurses and the increased focus on work life balance require intentional efforts to ensure the administration of nursing practice is positioned for success in the evolving landscape of nursing. I believe my experience with innovative nursing delivery and practice models will be a valuable addition to the role of Administration Councillor. Thank you!”


Tina Cadigan (nee Yetman)

Graduate: S.A. Grace Hospital, 1995

Postgraduate Courses: CNA Certification in Critical Care; Occupational Health Nursing Certificate; Certified in Cornea Retrieval; Bachelor of Nursing; Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support Instructor; Heart and Stroke Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and Coordinator; Athabasca Master of Nursing Graduate Courses; Heart and Stroke Train the Trainer Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor; American College of Surgeons Advanced Trauma Life Support Coordinator; American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed Instructor

Present Position: Nursing Instructor II, NLHS – Eastern Zone

“I am an experienced registered nurse, deeply committed to my profession and the care we provide to Newfoundland and Labradorians. Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the impact that education and research can have on improving nursing practices. At a time when we are hard pressed to meet the ever-growing needs and demands with limited resources in healthcare, we need to look to education and research to achieve the best care we can for our clients, patients, and residents. According to the Canadian Nurses Association, ongoing education can lead to improved patient outcomes and increased job satisfaction among nurses. Furthermore, research plays a pivotal role in developing evidence-based practices that ensure safe patient care. As a lifelong learner, I would like to take this opportunity to run for the education and research position with the CRNNL Council. I respectfully request support from all fellow nurses to support my nomination and look forward to your endorsement.”

Peggy Rauman (nee Sheppard)

Graduate: Centre for Nursing Studies, 2002

Postgraduate Courses: Master of Nursing; Doctorate of Philosophy; The Brain Story Certification; Providing Culturally Safe Health Care for Indigenous Patients in Newfoundland and Labrador

Present Position: Assistant Professor, Memorial University Faculty of Nursing

“I am very happy to submit my application to become a Council member for Education and Research with the CRNNL. I have over 21 years’ experience in nursing, with the majority of my career specializing in nursing education and I have over five years’ experience working in regulation. I believe in the regulatory process and the good work that comes from the CRNNL and I want to remain a part of that process. I believe that I can substantially contribute to the effective function of the CRNNL Council. With my regulatory experience and the addition of my experiences in education and research, I feel that I am ideally positioned to fill the education and research committee member role.”

Vanessa Sceviour

Graduate: Western Memorial, 2009

Postgraduate Courses: Course Director – Trauma Nursing Core Course; Instructor – Pediatric Advanced Life Support; Instructor – Basic Life Support

Present Position: International Nurse Educator, NLHS – Central Zone

“I wish to run for Council in the position of Education and Research. I have spent the last eight years of my career in the position of Nursing Education Coordinator, and most recently transferred to the position of International Nurse Educator, which I previously held in 2011-2012. Throughout my experience in education, I have developed my skills in education delivery, both in person and online, utilized adult learning principals, completed learning needs assessment, and liaised with various department, programs, and governing bodies. I also have experience in the development of learning modules and educational sessions, while utilizing research and evidence-based practice to form the foundation of the learning. I feel my professionalism, skill set abilities, and position align with the mandate of the CRNNL, to protect the public. I will continue this work by ensuring the education provided to registered nurses is accessible, meaningful, and evidence based. Thank you.”

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