Disciplinary Hearings

Notice of Upcoming Hearings

A complaint against a registered nurse is authorized by the Complaints Authorization Committee (the CAC) when the CAC is of the opinion that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a registered nurse has engaged in conduct deserving of sanction (see: Article IX of the By-laws). The referral of a complaint to a hearing pursuant to paragraph 23(3)(b) of the Act does not constitute a finding that a registered nurse is guilty of conduct deserving of sanction.

The following complaint(s) have been referred to a hearing before an Adjudication Tribunal appointed under the Registered Nurses Act, 2008 (the “Act”).

Registrant’s Name: Christa Carey, CRNNL #22887
Nature of Complaint: Professional Misconduct
Hearing Date(s): Adjourned sine die

Registrant’s Name: Rosemary Judd, CRNNL #21929
Nature of Complaint: It is alleged that the Registrant failed to adhere to employer patient-care policies, did fail to demonstrate competent performance of client safety checks, patient assessments, and appropriate documentation of care, did fail to demonstrate appropriate task and time management, all of which led to a failure to demonstrate competent management of client caseloads.
Hearing Date(s): Postponed – New date to be determined
Location: by Zoom