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Complaints Facilitator

The process for filing an allegation or complaint is designed so that individuals may express their concerns with ease and efficiency, however, those with diverse needs may find this process overwhelming and intimidating. To address such instances, the College of Registered Nurses offers the services of a Complaints Facilitator.

In the event that a need is expressed or identified, a Complaints Facilitator would be available to assist individuals with putting their concern in writing. The establishment of a service such as this aims to strengthen public protection for all individuals, regardless of one’s personal situation and expand access to regulatory services that individuals may not have availed of previously. To learn more about the Complaints Facilitator, click HERE. To request the aid of Complaints Facilitator for you or someone you know, please contact the Director of Professional Conduct Review.

The Director of Professional Conduct Review will provide written notification of the receipt of your allegation as well as the next steps in the review process.