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Overview of College Registration Process

  1. Submit application to NNAS and receive Advisory Report.
    Note: the College will obtain your Advisory Report and supporting documentation directly from NNAS.
  2. Complete the College’s Provisional Registration Application and pay the processing fee ($172.50). Application fee will not be refunded once the College has started the application review process.
  3. With your application to the College, you will be required to submit copies of the following documents:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Government issued photo ID
    • Legal change of name document (e.g. marriage certificate) if you have changed your name
  4. Following receipt of your provisional application and ID docs your file will be sent for review.
  5. Assessment of English Language Proficiency (ELP).
    Applicants must review the College’s ELP Factsheet to determine if they must submit a test of ELP or if they meet one of the other methods of language proficiency. Once the file is assessed by the College you will be notified if you have meet ELP requirements.
  6. The College will notify you if any documents must be updated, including Verification of registration and/or Statement from Current/Most Recent Employer(s) and Statement of Practice Hours.
  7. You will receive a letter of decision regarding your eligibility for registration within 2-4 weeks of receipt of all required documents. Based on a review of your nursing education program and currency of practice hours there are a variety of pathways to registration:
    • Meets Education requirements and currency of practice requirements: Eligible for interim licence and NCLEX-RN exam.
    • Meets Education requirements but does not meet currency of practice requirements:
      • May be eligible for interim licence with Conditions (IL-C) to participate in Supervised Practice Experience Partnership Program (SPEPP) with NL employer to gain currency of hours (450 hours), OR
      • May be required to complete IEN bridging/re-entry program
    • Does not meet education requirements
      • May be required to complete a Competency Based Assessment and based on the your performance may be required to complete bridging education to address competency gaps and/or may be eligible for interim licence with conditions (IL-C) to participate in Supervised Practice Experience Partnership Program (SPEPP) with NL employer to gain currency of hours (450 hours), OR
      • May be eligible for interim licence with restrictions (IL-R) – specific to applicants who are missing specific content areas from their nursing education program (e.g. pediatrics), OR
      • May be required to complete the IEN bridging/re-entry program
  8. Submit Certificate of Conduct (Criminal Record Check) – see the College’s Certificate of Conduct Fact Sheet for information on requirements and submission process.
  9. Provisional registration granted (see below for additional information on provisional)
  10. Receive notification of NCLEX-RN® examination eligibility from the College.
    Note: For those applicants who have previously passed NCLEX-RN through another jurisdiction you are not required to re-take the exam. The College will notify you regarding your eligibility to apply for initial licensure or membership.
  11. Register and pay for the NCLEX-RN® examination with National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).
  12. Successfully pass NCLEX-RN®.
  13. Apply for initial licensure or membership through MyCRNNL.