Provisional Registration

Provisional registration is governed by the RN Regulations and means an individual has submitted an application for provisional registration to the College and met all the requirements for registration with the exception of successful completion of the registered nurse examination or receipt of a satisfactory professional reference.

Provisional registration may be granted for up to three years. Individuals will be notified by email when provisional registration has been granted. Only individuals who have been granted provisional registration are eligible to register for NCLEX-RN and they must pass the exam within the three-year provisional period. If an individual is not successful on the examination during their provisional period, they are no longer eligible for registration as an RN in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Provisional registration alone does not permit an individual to practice nursing. Individuals who have been granted provisional registration may be eligible for an interim licence. The College will notify individuals of their eligibility. To practice nursing in NL an individual must hold an interim licence or annual licence to practice.

Provisional Registrants who practice without a valid interim licence will be subject to an Unauthorized Practice ($100/shift worked with a maximum fee of three times the regular licensure cost) and subject to discipline where the period of practice exceeds 3 shifts from and including the 1st shift.

For additional information on Provisional Registration see our Provisional Registration Fact Sheet