May 9, 2023
College Event

Exploring the Person-Centred Care Practice Patterns of Mental Health Nurses in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Mixed-Methods Study

Original Presentation Date: 9 May 2023


Person-Centred Care (PCC) is an approach to nursing that places the person, in their context, above the disease and at the centre of care. Operationalizing PCC has been challenging in mental health settings due to the nature of the care provided. The landscape of person-centred mental health nursing care in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) has yet to be mapped. In order to advance mental health nursing care within the province, more evidence is needed on the PCC practices that currently exist. This presentation examines PCC in the context of psychiatry and highlights research regarding the PCC practice patterns of mental health nurses in NL.


Chantille Isler, Assistant Professor, MUNFON

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