June 18, 2024 - June 25, 2024
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PODCAST: Engaging in Social Media: What RNs and NPs Need to Know

Original Publication Date: 18 June 2024

Social media is prevalent in today’s society and can be an exciting and valuable tool when used wisely. In availing of the opportunities social media provides, RNs and NPs are required to adhere to standards related to communication, professionalism, and the code of ethics regardless of whether social media use is of a personal or professional nature. Maintaining privacy, confidentiality, therapeutic relationships, professional boundaries, and public trust are required of the RN and NP and may be at risk where social media is in use. Our Director of Professional Conduct Review, Brenda Carroll, joins the College Consultants to answer common questions and highlights some key considerations for RNs and NPs to think about when engaging with social media platforms.

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