Requirements for Licensure

General Requirements for Licensure as Nurse Practitioner

  1. All applicants:
    1. must have established registration as a registered nurse with the CRNNL (see Registered Nurses Regulations (2013), Section 3).
    2. must possess a valid practicing license issued by CRNNL to practice as a registered nurse.
    3. must have completed a nurse practitioner education program approved by CRNNL Council that prepared the graduate to meet the standards and criteria established by Council for NP practice in NL and to achieve the competencies of an NP required by the Council;
    4. must provide proof of successful completion of the nurse practitioner examination approved by the Council. (Applicants applying to practice in the NP category of Family/All-Ages are required to write the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam (CNPE). Applicants applying for the NP category of Adult or Pediatric see e(ii) below. Email for more information); and proof that within the 36-month period immediately preceding the application for a license he or she 
      1. graduated from an approved nurse practitioner education program, 
      2. practised as a nurse practitioner for at least 900 hours, or 
      3. successfully completed a nurse practitioner competency validation process or a nurse practitioner re-entry program approved by Council; The Nurse Practitioner Competency Validation Process is available here and the application form is available here.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

        Documentation from employer(s) verifying the number of hours practiced as a nurse practitioner broken down by hours per CRNNL licensure year (e.g., April 1-March 31) for the preceding 36-month period should be submitted to CRNNL. This information will be required to provide evidence of having met Section 8(1)(b)(ii) of the Regulations for renewal of an NP practicing license in subsequent licensure years. Applicants are encouraged to provide this information on initial application so that CRNNL may document your practice hours.

    5. Remit, with the application, $46.00 (includes $6.00 HST) processing fee (Application Processing fees are to be paid by certified cheque, bank draft, money order, credit card or wire transfer payable to the College of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador).
  2. In addition, CRNNL Council requires all applicants seeking NP licensure to complete the following:
    1. A prescribing Controlled Drugs and Substance (CDSA) course approved by CRNNL. Certificate must be submitted with application. 
    2. Completed Tamper Resistant Prescription Pad Program (TRPPP), Department of Health and Community Services, Government of NL.

For approved education courses and information regarding TRPPP, email

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