RegulatioN Matters Summer 2018

ARNNL's Summer 2018 Edition

ARNNL's e-newsletter contains information on topics intended to support the practice of registered nurses and nurse practitioners. It is the expectation that all registrants are aware of the matters contained therein.
Council’s face-to-face meeting took place June 7 at the Mount Peyton Hotel in Grand Falls-Windsor. Council had robust generative discussions around topics impacting practice for registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs).
In this issue: 

Welcome Council Members
New Documents Available
ARNNL's Annual General Meeting
Approval of Financial Statements
AGM Resolutions and Motions
ARNNL Honours Excellence
CCP Evaluation
Changes in Timing of Council Elections
Call for Nominations for ARNNL Council

Public Survey
NP Evaluation
Keep Your Information Up-to-Date
Education Connections
Fall Continuing Education Schedule
ARNNL Trust: Call for Application
Reminder: HEALTHe NL Accounts
Practice Points
Welcome Committee Members
Office Closures


Welcome New and Returning Council Members

ARNNL would like to welcome new and returning Council.
Elaine Warren – President
Beverly Pittman – President-Elect
Tracy MacDonald – Central Regional Councillor
Pat Rodgers – Eastern Regional Councillor
Stacey Knudsen - Labrador-Grenfell Regional Councillor
Marie Budden – Western Regional Councillor
Megan Hudson – Practice Councillor
Valda Duke – Advanced Practice Councillor
Valery Goulding – Education/Research Councillor
Crystal Northcott – Administration Councillor
Stephen Clark - Public Representative
Dale Colbourne - Public Representative
Glyn George - Public Representative
Louise Pinsent Parsons - Public Representative


New Documents Available

The regulatory document: Nurse Practitioners Providing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) (2018) was approved by ARNNL Council at the June meeting. This document reflects a change in the scope of NP practice and grants authority to NPs in Newfoundland and Labrador to provide MAID. Specifically, it provides direction for NPs, in relation to their regulatory responsibilities in providing this service. To access the new document, please click here.
Also approved were the Transition to Practice for Newly Registered Nurses and a new Discussion Document: A Toolkit for Resolving Professional Practice Issues (2018). Both are available in the Document Library



ARNNL hear often that clinical educators and managers struggle to recruit preceptors for nursing students or novice nurses. Standard 2.7 states RNs support colleagues and students by sharing nursing knowledge and expertise. The Code of Ethics (Value G: Being Accountable) states nurses share their knowledge and provide feedback, mentorship and guidance for the professional development of nursing students, novice nurses, other nurses and other health care providers. RNs/NPs should reflect when asked to volunteer as a preceptor. Each individual RN/NP can influence the health care providers of the future by taking the first step in being the "self" in self-regulation when asked to be a preceptor by meeting her/his professional and regulatory obligations.


ARNNL's Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This year marked ARNNL’s 64th AGM. The meeting was held on June 8 in Grand Falls-Windsor with approximately 100 people in attendance. Attendees heard reports from then Council President Julie Nicholas, as well as ARNNL’s Executive Director Lynn Power. An overview of the financials for the year was provided. Elaine Warren was installed as the 28th Council President.

ARNNL’s Annual Report was released the end of May and is available on Print copies are available upon request.


Approval of Financial Statements

Council approved the 2017-18 Financial Statements prepared by KPMG. Financial information was shared at the AGM and is posted on ARNNL’s website. The membership approved the re-appointment of KPMG as ARNNL’s Auditors for a three-year term (2019-2021).


AGM Resolutions and Motions

There were a number of resolutions and motions at our AGM including one motion from the floor related to informing members about CNPS supplemental insurance. Further information regarding the responses to ALL the resolutions and the motion will be provided after ARNNL Council deliberations at the next meeting in October. Updates will then be shared in the next edition of RegulatioN Matters. At this time, Council wishes to thank everyone for their thoughtful deliberations and comments at the AGM.


ARNNL Honours Excellence

ARNNL’s Awards for Excellence is the only provincial awards ceremony recognizing excellence for RNs and NPs. On June 7, ahead of ARNNL’s 64th AGM, the gala event honoured three provincial recipients in Grand Falls-Windsor: April Manuel (Education), Donna Moralejo (Research), and Beverley McIsaac (Practice). See more information in September’s ACCESS Magazine.



The feedback survey on the draft revision of the Standards for NP Practice will remain open until August 5th. Anyone wishing to provide feedback can complete the survey available at:

All relevant feedback will be incorporated into the document and will be brought to the NP Standards Committee for review and then to ARNNL Council in October 2018.   The current ARNNL document Competencies in the Context of Entry Level Registered Nurse Practice is undergoing revision and updating. A draft version will be distributed via an online survey to all membership for consultation on September 18, 2018 – October 2, 2018.


CCP Evaluation

ARNNL invites members to participate in the CCP Evaluation survey data collection process that will take place during Fall 2018.

ARNNL has recently hired an external consultant, Ms. Patricia Grainger, to perform the CCP evaluation. The evaluation will focus on the literature related to engagement and competent professionals, exploring the notion that engaged professionals are competent professionals.

The Consultant has conducted a number of focus groups with members and other key stakeholders over the last several months. Data collected from the focus groups will be used to inform the development of the CCP Evaluation survey that will be distributed to the membership fall 2018. ARNNL values member insight and feedback and invite members to participate in this data collection process. 


Changes in Timing of Council Elections

Council approved proposed changes to the Bylaws, specifically in Article VII – Committees, and Articles IX – Elections and Voting.
The approved changes will allow for a change in the timing for ARNNL Council Elections. The Call for Nominations will now begin in the fall (as opposed to the winter) with voting for Councillors to take place during registration and renewal from January-March.


Call for Nominations for ARNNL Council

Run for a position on Council or nominate an RN you feel has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the profession.
Available positions in 2019:
• Advanced Practice
• Practice
To be a candidate for election you must: 
• Hold an ARNNL practicing license in good standing throughout the term of the position.
• Be interested in advancing the professional standards of nursing.
• Be willing to serve a three-year term (2019-22)
• Be able to attend meetings and events throughout the term.
See the September edition of ACCESS Magazine for more information.


Public Survey

ARNNL's Public survey was conducted from February 8th to 13th with a random sample of 400 residents aged 18 or older. Feedback was collected in regards to the nursing profession and ARNNL. Insights from the data will help to inform Council and organizational activities into next year. It is of note that the data showed: 93-96% were very satisfied/satisfied with various aspects of nursing care with the average rating of satisfaction with care being 9.3 out of 10. Ninety-one percent rated overall satisfaction as 8 or higher. See the full survey results


NP Evaluation

ARNNL received the final report Comprehensive Evaluation of the Nurse Practitioner Role in Newfoundland and Labrador, June 2018. The report is currently being reviewed and will be presented to ARNNL Council and the NP Evaluation Advisory Committee this fall to determine an action plan to address relevant action items and recommendations of the report.



Ten delegates from this province participated in the CNA AGM held in Ottawa in June. Thank you to those nurse volunteers. During the meeting, a motion passed opening CNA membership to all regulated nurses in Canada. This decision is the first step in opening the door for LPNs/registered practical nurses and RPNs to become members. See From the Executive Director’s Desk section of September’s ACCESS for further details.


Keep Your Information Up-to-Date with ARNNL 

Under the Registered Nurses Regulations (2013), all members are required to keep their information on file with ARNNL up-to-date.
This includes:
• Change in name (copy of legal documentation required)
• Mailing Address
• Email Address
• Employment information
Changes must be reported to ARNNL within 30 days of the effective date of the change. Members can ‘Update your ARNNL Profile’ through the Member Self-Service portal available at



Education Connections

ARNNL will be hosting an Nurse Educator Workshop on October 9, 2018 with the three Schools of Nursing called Engaging in Self-Regulation.  


ARNNL Fall Continuing Education Schedule Available 

Please see this fall's continuing education session schedule here. Visit to register for a session.


ARNNL Trust: Call for Applications

Applications are now being accepted for academic scholarships, continuing education bursaries and research awards. The deadline is October 15. For more information or to apply online visit


Reminder: HEALTHe NL Accounts

For help with an existing HEALTHe NL account including password issues, trouble logging in or security questions, please contact 709-752-6006 or 1-877-752-6006 or
To request a new HEALTHe NL account, please contact Raleen Murphy or via phone: office 709-752-6107 or cell: 709-351-6286.
Reminder: As of June 30, 2018 all prescribers in NL are required to review a person’s current medication profile through the Pharmacy Network using HEALTHe NL before writing a prescription for an opioid and/or Tramadol on the new tamper resistant prescription pad as per the Department of Health’s prescription monitoring legislation, Prescription Monitoring Act (2017).


Quality of Care NL/Choosing Wisely NL (QCNL/CWNL) Practice Points

QCNL/CWNL's Practice Points provide updates on research related to their campaigns. Report 3 is now available online and includes a wide range of topics for both institutional and community care, including recent NP campaigns on Blood Urea and Antibiotic Utilization.


Welcome New and Returning Committee Members

Council approved the following RNs for re-appointments to the Disciplinary Panel:

• Vanessa House
• Paul Alyward
• Melvin Layden
• Carol Ann Mason
• Marie Clarke
• Joanne Rideout
Council approved the following RNs for appointments to the Disciplinary Panel:

• Diana Oake
• Justin Penney


ARNNL Office Closures

Please be advised that ARNNL observes provincial statutory holidays, including:
Labour Day (Sept. 3); and Thanksgiving (October 8). Voicemail messages can be left on 709-753-6040/800-563-3200 and messages will be returned the next business day.
ARNNL House will be open from 9am-4pm Monday – Friday from July 1-August 31.


Please note, ARNNL members cannot unsubscribe to this e-newsletter. It contains important regulatory information relevant to your practice,membership and registration/licensure

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