RegulatioN Matters Fall 2017

ARNNL's Fall 2017 Edition

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Council’s fall face-to-face meeting took place October 19-20 at ARNNL House. Council had robust generative discussions around topics impacting practice for RNs and NPs. This first edition of RegulatioN Matters details the discussions and outcomes during this meeting, including any significant activities since the last edition of the Update newsletter this past summer.
In this issue: 
Committee Apointment
NCLEX-RN Discussion & Actions
Change in NP Scope of Practice
New Code of Ethics
Revised Registration Process for IENs
ARNNL Future Name Change
Penalties for Practicing Without a License
Licensure & Membership Renewal
Upcoming Events
ARNNL Office Closure

ARNNL Council 2018-19

Back standing: (left to right): Ray Frew*; Tonya Ryan (Administration); Carmel Doyle*; Elaine Warren (President-Elect); Walter Arnold*; Tracy MacDonald (Central region); and Marie Budden (Western region).

Front sitting (left to right): Irene Baird*; Patricia Rodgers (Eastern region); Julie Nicholas (President); Lynn Power (Executive Director); Valda Duke (Advanced Practice); and Beverly Pittman (Labrador-Grenfell region).

Missing from photo: Megan Hudson (Practice); and Alexia Barnable (Education and Research)

*Denotes Public Representative


Welcome New and Returning Committee Members

The following appointments were made:

Quality Assurance Committee

  • Lisa Jesso
  • Catherine Wright*

Appointments Committee

  • Marie Budden, ARNNL Council Member

Disciplinary Committee

  • Kimberley Legge
  • Amanda Halfyard
  • Carolyn Gosse
  • Holly LeDrew
  • Linda Mercer
  • James Evans

 *Denotes Public Representative


NCLEX-RN® Discussions and Actions

Council reviewed information and activities that occurred in response to the 2016 motion that ARNNL develop a discussion document related to the NCLEX-RN® exam in consultation with key stakeholders to provide background information and analysis. In response, material is available on ARNNL’s website.

Council also discussed the 2017 AGM motion that ARNNL explore other options such as program accreditation and approval versus the exam as a requirement for new graduates to be eligible for registration in this province. After robust discussion, Council determined that no further action is necessary at this time and that a national exam is in the interest of public safety and the profession; however, Council commits to continue to review published research on the validity and reliability of the NCLEX-RN® in Canada and to follow national and international trends regarding regulatory examination. An examination is a legislated requirement for RNs to enter practice in this province.


Change in NP Scope of Practice

A change in the scope of nurse practitioner (NP) practice was approved by Council designating Suboxone and Methadone as drugs NPs, who meet the specified practice and education requirements identified by ARNNL Council, may prescribe for the treatment of opioid dependence or pain management as deemed appropriate for the specific clients.
The supporting education and practice requirements for NPs to prescribe Suboxone and Methadone was also approved and detailed in Education and Practice Requirements for Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Buprenorphine-Naloxone (Suboxone) and Methadone (October 2017).


New Code of Ethics Released

Effective October 24, Council approved the Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2017 edition) as the authoritative criteria to guide ethical RN practice for ARNNL members, replacing CNA’s Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2008). 


Changes to Registration Process for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs)

Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) applicants who have a National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) Advisory Report indicating deficiencies in their education program will now have the option for a direct referral to complete the full IEN Bridging Program without first having to complete a Competency Based Assessment (CBA). This increases their options for increased expediency in addressing any deficiencies.


ARNNL Future Name Change

During the meeting, Council discussed exploring a name change that focuses on the organization’s primary mandate – regulating the profession in the province. Council approved proceeding with the necessary steps to make the change. ARNNL would appreciate hearing your thoughts around any implications this might have on your role or organization. Send comments to


Penalties for Practicing Without a License

Recognizing the legislative and legal requirement to hold a practicing license Council revised the previous bylaw increasing the penalty fee and timelines. Effective January 1, 2018, the penalty fee for practicing without a license, now referred to as the “unauthorized practice fee” will be $100.00 per shift worked with no maximum. The RN or NP will also be required to provide proof of the number of shifts worked without licensure on the approved ARNNL form. A portion of this form must be completed by the RN/NP’s employer. An allegation of conduct deserving of sanction will be filed in accordance with section 21 of the Registered Nurses Act (2008) where a nurse practices without a license for more than three (3) shifts from and including the first shift worked.


Licensure and Membership Renewal Opens January 2018

The annual process for licensure and membership renewal will open during the week of January 8-12. Members renewing practicing licenses are reminded of the March 1 administrative deadline (the practicing license expiry date for the current year remains March 31). Members renewing a practicing license who fail to submit their application by March 1 will be subject to the standard late fee ($50 plus HST). The March 1 deadline does not apply to members renewing a non-practicing membership.


Upcoming Events

The Health Regulators Network education session scheduled for February 22, 2018 will address the Complaints Authorization Committee (CAC)* decision making and writing. Check the website in January for details.

  • Joint Webinar with ARNNL, NLASW and CLPNNL Navigating the Landscape of the Opioid Crisis in NL on February 6, 2018.
  • ARNNL's 2018 AGM will be held on Friday, June 8, in Grand Falls-Windsor. Watch out for January’s ACCESS as well as our website for important developments and information about the event.
  • Check out ARNNL's Event Calendar for more upcoming teleconferences and webinars.

*CAC is a committee of Council who under the Act are responsible for screening allegations of conduct deserving of sanction in the professional conduct review process.


ARNNL Office Closure

Please be advised that ARNNL House will be closed for Christmas break starting Monday, December 25 and reopening 9am on Tuesday, January 2. Voicemail messages left on 709-753-6040/800-563-3200 will be checked over this period on business days.


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