RN Prescribing

RN prescribing is moving forward in NL. Consultations began early in 2020 with key stakeholders. Stemming from these initial key stakeholder meeting two committees were created an RN Prescribing Advisory Committee (RNPAC) and an RN Prescribing Development Committee (RNPDC).

The RNPDC includes consists of 14 -16 members with knowledge and expertise in RN scope of practice, standards of practice, education, and contexts of practice where RN prescribing may be beneficial to the Newfoundland and Labrador population. The first meeting of the RNPDC was held in March 2021.

The Regulations governing RN prescribing are in the process of being drafted by the Provincial Government.

The project is estimated to last 12 -18 months.

For information on RN Prescribing, contact:

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