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The following articles, previously published in ARNNL ACCESS magazine, are presented to enhance your understanding of practice issues. Members should also refer to the appropriate CRNNL documents found under Resources and Publications.

What legislation address the role of RNs and NPs with the administration or distribution of medical cannabis? (January 2019)

How do I know what I am allowed to do in my practice? I cannot find the "list". (September 2018)

My practice domain is administration, yet the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics refer to my accountabilities to the 'client'. If I am not in direct care, who is my client? (September 2017)

How will I know what laws are relevant to my nursing practice? And, What is Jurisprudence? (January 2017)

What do I do if Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) is in conflict with my personal beliefs and values? (September 2016)

I've been to the ARNNL website recently and see that the Document Library is organized into various categories.  What is the difference between the categories? (May 2016)

How can the Nursing Practice Consultants at ARNNL assist me with my nursing practice? (January 2016)

How do I know what I am allowed to do in my practice? I cannot find “the list.” (September 2015)

Who is the most appropriate person to float? (May 2015)

Currently, I am an RN in Newfoundland and Labrador and thus wrote the CRNE. I plan to move to the United States for employment. As a licensure requirement in the United States, I will be required to successfully write the NCLEX-RN. Can I write the NCLEX-RN in Newfoundland and Labrador? (January 2015)

I've just learned there are two new ARNNL documents: one on professionalism and one on the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. Does that mean there are new expectations for me? (September 2014)

I have received a friend request on my personal Facebook page from a current client.  How should I proceed? (May 2014)

I have just completed a Foot Care course and want to start a Foot Care business.  Am I covered to do this?  (January 2014) 

Do I have to provide my full name to my patient? (September 2013)

I work in a community setting. My client spends part of the year in NL. (May 2013) 

I've heard there's a moratorium on professional development. What does this mean? (January 2013)

Someone told me that RNs cannot distribute drug samples. Can RNs give out drug samples? (September 2012)

I've seen "Charge Nurse Notified" written in progress notes. Should I be writing this? (May 2012)

As a RN, can I post anonymous comments about my experiences as a nurse on social network sites? (January 2012)

Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Recognizing the signs and symptoms in your RN colleague (September 2011)


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