Licensure/Membership Renewal Deadline March 31

March 27, 2018

Please note, the 2018-19 licensure/membership renewal application, which opened on January 10, 2018, will  close on March 31 (Saturday) at midnight. Practicing licences not renewed by this deadline will expire and you will not be permitted to practice after this date/time. If you practice without a license you will be subject to late and unauthorized practice fee and possible disciplinary action.

All applications received by ARNNL up until midnight, March 31ST that are completed (BOTH THE ARNNL (Step 1) AND THE CNPS (Step 2) COMPONENTS ARE COMPLETED) will be processed. Applications that still require additional supporting documentation or have outstanding licensure requirements such that the application is not complete will be reviewed upon re-opening on Monday, April 2 and relevant late and/or unauthorized practice fee may be applicable.

Members and employers can verify licensure/membership status online through the ARNNL’s Member Search tool. For any other questions around licensure and renewal, please contact ARNNL Registration at 709-753-6040/1-800-563-3200 or during regular business hours, Monday – Friday from 9am-4:30pm.

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