April 6, 2021
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Nursing Students’ Perspective on Incivility in the Clinical Practice Learning Environment

Original Presentation: April 6, 2021

Incivility in clinical practice is any rude or disruptive behavior that results in a negative psychological impact on those who are exposed to that behavior (Vuoloa, 2018). Nursing students around the world and within this province (Small, English, Moran, Grainger, and Cashin, 2018), are experiencing incivility in clinical practice which is affecting their ability to perform and increasing their desire to drop out of the nursing program (Clark, 2011; Zhu, Zing, Lizarondo, Gu, & Hu, 2019). This study used an on-line survey to determine nursing students’ perceptions of incivility within the clinical practice learning environments of the Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program at Memorial. The on-line survey was distributed to all students in second, third, and fourth years of the program. Findings from the survey revealed that seventy percent of nursing students reported experiencing incivility in their clinical practice learning environment resulting in high levels of anxiety and coping by avoiding the harasser. The overall aim of the study is to identify how incivility is impacting nursing students and develop interventions to help address this problem.

Daisy Baldwin MN, RN, Faculty and PhD Student, MUN Faculty of Nursing

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