Disciplinary Decision - Pauline Hollett

Summary of Adjudication Tribunal Decision

Registered Nurses Act (2008), Section 29(4)

In the matter of a Complaint against Pauline Hollett, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, Registration #14033 (the “Registrant”), a registered nurse whose license to practice nursing had been suspended by Council on May 6, 2015 pending a hearing of the Complaint.

The Adjudication Tribunal accepted an Agreed Statement of Facts in which the Respondent admitted that she had engaged in conduct deserving of sanction under the Registered Nurses Act, 2008, sections 18(c)(i) professional misconduct; 18(c)(ii) professional incompetence; and 18(c)(v) acting in breach of the Code of Ethics. The Adjudication Tribunal determined that the Respondent engaged in conduct deserving of sanction, which conduct included: errors and omissions in client documentation; breach of client confidentiality; and failing to: demonstrate therapeutic and effective communications in her nursing practice; prioritize or plan client interventions in a timely or organized manner; demonstrate safe nursing practice in relation to sterile technique and infection control; demonstrate knowledge of basic nursing interventions and risk factors for client health or safety; demonstrate knowledge and accuracy in medication administration; and demonstrate nursing leadership and accountability.

Pursuant to section 28(3) of the Registered Nurses Act, 2008, the Adjudication Tribunal accepted a Joint Submission on Penalty and in a Decision dated May 4, 2016, ordered: 

  1. The Registrant’s license to practice nursing shall be suspended pending her successful completion of specified nursing education.
  2. Upon the return of the Registrant’s license her nursing practice shall be subject to securing a nursing employer who will monitor her practice for a period of 12 months.
  3.  The Registrant shall pay the ARNNL $1,250.00 towards its costs incurred in the investigation and hearing of the Complaint.

The conduct deserving of sanction occurred from or about January 2010 to or about October 2013 while the Registrant practiced as a registered nurse at the Glenbrook Lodge. The Complainant was Eastern Health.

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