Confidentiality, Social Media and You

As a nurse, you are a trusted health professional. Your clients expect and rely on you to maintain their privacy and confidentiality. Take the challenge below to test your knowledge.

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Is it ever acceptable to post client information on a social media site?

Correct! Nurses safeguard information learned in the context of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. They only disclose this information outside of the health care team with client consent or when there is an ethical or legal obligation to do so.


That's not correct.  Nurses understand that confidentiality is not restricted to personal health information, but any information obtained in the nurse-client relationship. Nurses recognize that the same privacy and confidentiality principles apply whether the information is written or electronic.


That's not correct.  Nurses clairfy with clients what, if any, personal health information they want their family to know. Nurses discuss client information with health care team members only in places where confidentiality can be maintained.


That's not correct.  Nurses do not speak, comment or speculate on information about a client, even if this information is publicly available.


Nurses have an ethical and legal responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of a client's personal health information obtained in the context of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship.

There is both federal and provincial legislation to protect a client’s personal and health information. Employers are responsible for providing the organizational supports and systems necessary for nurses to maintain client privacy and confidentiality.

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