January 10, 2018

Licensure/membership renewal 2018-19 is open. Visit MyARNNL to renew your annual practicing license or non-practicing membership.

Remember - in preparation for renewal, please review the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses/Standards for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Newfoundland and Labrador and Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses, as you must declare that you adhere to them. You must declare that you have completed all Continuing Competency Program (CCP) requirements before renewing your license. If you declare you have not completed all CCP requirements a 90 day Conditional license will be issued.  

Renew Early - Administrative Deadline is March 1

The administrative deadline for annual licensure renewal is March 1. All current practicing licenses still expire on March 31, 2018. The earlier March 1 deadline provides you will 30 days in advance of the license expiry date to submit your application and to ensure that you have enough time to provide ARNNL with all required documentation so that your license can be completed by the expiry date. Members renewing a practicing license who fail to submit their application by March 1 will automatically be subject to a late fee ($50 plus HST) that will be added to your licensure fee. The March 1 deadline does not apply to members renewing a non-practicing membership.

Process for Professional Liability Protection

When you complete your ARNNL practicing license application on MyARNNL, you must click on 'Step 2 - Complete CNPS Professional Liability ProtectionTM' to be transferred to the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) website to submit and make direct payment for your professional liability protection. All members renewing a practicing license are required to complete online payment transaction directly to CNPS.

Upon completion of the CNPS registration and payment process you will be directed back to MyARNNL to finalize the licensure renewal process. To learn more about CNPS and the services it provides to nurse beneficiaries, visit the CNPS website.

Licensure/Membership Verification

You must confirm your licensure status using ARNNL's Member Search to ensure it is fully processed before commencing practice. It is a violation of the Registered Nurses Act to practice nursing without a practicing license. Effective January 1, 2018 the 'Unauthorized Practice Fee' for practicing without a license is $100 per shift worked with no maximum amount. An allegation of conduct deserving of sanction will be filed in accordance with Section 21 of the Registered Nurses Act where a nurse practices without a license for more than three (3) shifts from and including the first shift worked.

View Your Practice Hours

New this year you may view your RN/NP practice hours on file at ARNNL. When you login to MyARNNL you will see a link to view your hours on file. The system will provide a statement of your eligibility for a practicing license based on the practice hours on file. You cannot edit your hours. If your feel your hours are incorrect you should contact your employer(s) for a revised letter of hours and submit to ARNNL.  

Online Resources

To help your navigate MyARNNL, ARNNL has developed several resources: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a 'help' feature and live online support. Look for further details about licensure/membership renewal in the January issue of ACCESS magazine.

Please note: as per policy, ARNNL only issues electronic payment receipts, which may be used for income tax purposes.

For any questions, contact Remember to include your ARNNL Registration Number in all correspondence. 

Communications with ARNNL

As the regulatory body for registered nurses and nurse practitioners ARNNL regularly sends communications to members on a variety of topics. These communications are sent via email or hard copy via Canada Post. As a regulated professional it is essential to read all communications from ARNNL as they contain important information that may impact your ongoing licensure or your practice.

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