Adjudication Tribunal Decision - Matthew Crawford, ARNNL Registration No. 20353

Matthew Crawford

Newfoundland and Labrador Registration No. 20353

In the matter of a Complaint against Matthew Crawford, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, Registration #20353 (the “Registrant”), an Adjudication Tribunal found the Registrant guilty of conduct deserving of sanction under the Registered Nurses Act (2008), section 18(c)(i) professional misconduct, in that the Registrant:

    • breached an agreement (the “Agreement”) he entered into to resolve an allegation filed against him by his nursing employer; and
    • failed to respond to email communications from the Director of Professional Conduct Review regarding his compliance with the Agreement.

Pursuant to section 28(3) of the Registered Nurses Act (2008) on March 29, 2016 the Adjudication Tribunal accepted an Agreed Statement of Facts and a Joint Submission on Penalty and in a Decision dated April 13, 2016 ordered:

  1. The Registrant’s license to practice nursing shall be suspended pending his successful completion of the following:

(a) Learning Modules: “The Profession of Nursing in Canada”; “Therapeutic and Professional Communication” and “Jurisprudence: The Legislation and Rules Governing the Practice of Nursing in NL – RN”;

(b) A meeting with a Nursing Consultant – Policy and Practice Consultant, ARNNL;

(c) All other requirements for licensure as set out in the Registered Nurses Act (2008) and the Registered Nurses Regulations (2013).

2.    The Registrant shall pay the ARNNL $1,250.00 towards its costs incurred.  

The conduct deserving of sanction occurred on or about August 19, 2015, October 2, 2015, and October 9, 2015 while the Registrant was working out of province.  The Complainant was the Director of Professional Conduct Review.



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