Adjudication Tribunal Decision - Mary Sloan (5885)

Mary Sloan

Newfoundland and Labrador Registration No. 5885

In the matter of a Complaint against Mary Sloan Registration No. 5885 (the “Respondent”), and a hearing of the Complaint pursuant to Section 25 of the Registered Nurses Act, 2008 (the “Act”); an Adjudication Tribunal of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARNNL) in a Decision dated January 16, 2012 found the Respondent guilty of conduct deserving of sanction pursuant to the Act, in particular, the following section:

18 (c )(i) Professional misconduct, in that the Respondent spoke inappropriately to a patient forcing the patient to leave her room when unwell;

18 (c )(i) Professional misconduct and 18 (c )(ii) professional incompetence, in that the Respondent failed to properly administer an insulin injection; failed to communicate and provide support to staff members, and failed to communicate with patients; presented in a cold and insensitive manner, and failed to communicate with a family when administering a medication to a patient; spoke loudly to a patient’s family member and communicated inaccurate information with regards to the patient; and shared personal information with a family member;

18 (c )(ii) Professional incompetence, in that the Respondent administered oxygen at an incorrect flow rate and left a used capped syringe at a patient’s bedside.

The conduct deserving of sanction occurred during the period of March 2, 2008 and February 2, 2009 while the Respondent practiced in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Complainant was Eastern Health.

Pursuant to section 28(3) of the Act, the Adjudication Tribunal ordered that the Respondent’s license be suspended for a five month period, effective October 11, 2011, with terms and conditions summarized as follows:

(i) The Respondent’s license to practice nursing shall be restricted such that she shall not work in Long Term Care, Home Care or Community Health; and

(ii) The restriction on the respondent’s license shall be removed upon her successful completion of the following courses: Interpersonal Aspects of Nursing and Professional Responsibility.

The Adjudication Tribunal reserved on the question of costs and a separate decision will be issued in relation to costs.

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