Adjudication Tribunal Decision - Margo Bishop (Edwards) (17623)

Margo Bishop (Edwards)

Newfoundland and Labrador Registration No. 17623

In the matter of a Complaint against Margo Bishop (Edwards) (the “Respondent”), ARNNL # 17623, and a hearing of the Complaint pursuant to Section 25 of the Registered Nurses Act, 2008 (the “Act”); an Adjudication Tribunal of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARNNL) in a Decision dated February 11, 2011 found the Respondent guilty of conduct deserving of sanction pursuant to the Act, in particular, the following sections:

18 (c) (i) Professional misconduct, in that the Respondent gently kicked a client in the buttocks;

18 (c) (i) Professional misconduct and 18 (c) (v) acting in breach of the Act and Code of Ethics, in that the Respondent proceeded to provide care to a patient after she was informed that the family did not wish to have her care for the family member and approached the family with regards to this issue;

18 (c) (ii) Professional incompetence, in that the Respondent failed to meet proper medication standards, documentation standards and organization policies for safe medication administration;

18 (c) (iii) Conduct unbecoming a registered nurse and 18 (c) (iv) incapacity or unfitness to engage in the practice of nursing, as demonstrated by the Respondent’s behaviour (examples include repeatedly cutting her hair during a shift, refusing to pass keys over to relief nurses when going on break, napping during the day and having to be woken and having to be called three times one night to get up) and the Respondent’s nursing practice with respect to the administration and documentation of narcotics.

The conduct deserving of sanction occurred during the period of November 26, 2008 to March 5, 2009 while the Respondent practiced in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Complainant was Eastern Health.

Pursuant to section 28(3) of the Act, the Adjudication Tribunal ordered suspension of the Respondent’s license for two years effective from October 26, 2010. The Respondent is required to immediately enter a treatment program for substance abuse unless not recommended to do so by a physician or health care provider. Following the period of suspension the Respondent is prohibited from acquiring a license to practice nursing in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador until the following terms and conditions are met to the satisfaction of the ARNNL:

(i) supportive assessments regarding her medical and health status with respect to her ability to return to the active practice of nursing;

(ii) satisfactory completion of a Nursing Re-entry program, if required, based on the outcomes of the medical assessments; and

(iii) qualify for registration and licensing pursuant to the Act.

Upon reinstatement of a practicing license the Respondent is required to comply with the following terms:

(i) maintain a primary attending physician and/or clinical addictions therapist reasonably knowledgeable in the area of addictions medicine as approved by ARNNL, which physician and/ or clinical addictions therapist shall provide reports to ARNNL;

(ii) comply with conditions to include: advising ARNNL of any nursing employer she obtains, providing a copy of the Order of the Adjudication Tribunal to her nursing employer(s), ensuring she has no personal access to or the administration of narcotics and any controlled substances, submitting to random drug screens, participating in a self-help group;

(iii) refrain from the use of any medication or controlled substances unless prescribed;

(iv) complete an education program satisfactory to ARNNL which includes medication administration, nursing assessment and documentation.

A breach of any conditions as ordered by the Adjudication Tribunal shall be deemed an act of professional misconduct and may result in the ARNNL suspending the Respondent’s license pending a disciplinary hearing. The terms of the Order remain in effect for a period of five years after the Respondent’s license is reinstated and may be renewed as deemed appropriate by ARNNL.

There was no Order as to costs.

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