Adjudication Tribunal Decision - Joyce Kent (20875)

Joyce Kent

Newfoundland and Labrador Registration No. 20875

In the matter of a Complaint against Joyce Kent, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, Registration # 20875 (the “Registrant”), a registered nurse whose license to practice nursing had been suspended by Council of ARNNL on December 19, 2013 pending a hearing of the Complaint, an Adjudication Tribunal, in a Decision dated March 5, 2015, found the Registrant guilty of conduct deserving of sanction under the Registered Nurses Act (2008), sections 18(c)(i) professional misconduct; 18(c)(ii) professional incompetence; and 18(c)(v) acting in breach of the Code of Ethics.

At the hearing the Registrant entered a guilty plea to a number of issues, admitting that she was dishonest with her manager regarding a resident’s care and related documentation; failed to demonstrate accountability in a communication with the Director of Professional Conduct Review; failed to demonstrate appropriate nursing judgment with respect to medication administration; failed to administer a medication; failed to maintain a sterile field; failed to demonstrate knowledge of resident care equipment; and provided incorrect urinary care supplies on a request.

The Adjudication Tribunal further found that the Registrant engaged in conduct deserving of sanction in that during a period of nursing practice she failed to recall or communicate resident care information to members of the care team; failed to communicate with families on several occasions; failed to complete or follow up on resident care interventions/issues; failed to demonstrate knowledge of or accountability for nursing processes related to medication administration, documentation, resident assessment including obtaining information from appropriate sources, resident hygiene care, resident transfers, infection control, venipuncture, safety procedures, ordering blood tests including resident preparation and resident oxygenation; failed to prioritize tasks and organize workload/resident care including delegation of nursing tasks to team members and to complete charge nurse duties; failed to demonstrate knowledge of team members’ scope of practice; failed to demonstrate knowledge of professional behaviour in the workplace, and told a resident she had administered medication to her when she documented on the resident’s chart the medication was unavailable.

Pursuant to section 28(3) of the Registered Nurses Act (2008) the Adjudication Tribunal ordered:  

1. Suspension of the Registrant’s nursing license pending her completion of the full Re-Entry Program offered by the Centre for Nursing Studies, inclusive of the clinical component;

2. Upon successful completion of the Re-Entry Program, the Registrant’s nursing license shall be restricted such that she cannot work in a setting wherein she is the sole registered nurse;

3. Upon the Registrant’s return to the practice of nursing, the Registrant must secure employment where the employer will monitor her nursing practice, and provide quarterly reports to the ARNNL for a period of one year;

4. Upon receiving acceptable quarterly reports as set out in # 3, the restriction on the Registrant’s license will be lifted;

5. The Registrant shall pay the ARNNL $10,000 towards its costs incurred.

The conduct deserving of sanction occurred from on or about September 26, 2012; January 16, 17, 2013 and in or about February and March 2013, while the Registrant practiced as a registered nurse at St. Patrick’s Mercy Home, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Complainant was Eastern Health.

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